We unite talents and capital to craft handmade startups with visionary entrepreneurs.

Unity by Design

We are a "hands on seed fund" ; we invest and team up with forward thinking founders who operate at the frontier of digital innovation. We help them shape their idea deep from the core and we scale the business together.

We maximize startup success thanks to our solid team of serial entrepreneurs, bringing expertise in product design, marketing, development, sales, communications, data science... Whatever challenges you face, we’ll have your back.

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We get deeply involved in the projects that we fund, and we consider ourselves as co-founders.

Once we decide to back a startup with funding, we're all in to take it to success, riding the roller coaster with our founders.


We dedicate ourselves to create and fund engaging, purpose driven companies.

We take special care with our projects “Reason for being”, and devise the whole business / brand strategy from there.


WWe focus on innovation for large scale progress, not only innovation for business.

We concentrate our investment capabilities on very few projects, to make sure we give them the maximum chances to make an impact, globally.

Creativity and co construction is in our DNA

We strongly believe that creativity comes from diversity ; we unite passionate people coming from various and complementary backgrounds, with the common ambition to participate in the launch of impactful ventures.

Entrepreneurs, especially in digital projects, constantly face challenges in lots of domains. We leverage a strong network of 2 000+ experts and entrepreneurs able to provide the right support at the right time for our founders.

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Great people need great capital

What can be more frustrating to fail because of insufficient funding when you've spotted the right idea and gathered the right team to build a new company ?

We believe that ambitious and innovative projects require sufficient funding to have a chance to meet success, Unicraft is one of the few investors providing sufficient funding and follow on capabilities at each stage, from pre seed to series A.

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We act locally, and think globally

With offices in Paris, Luxembourg, Brussels and Lisbon (and planning to open soon in new cities), we are able to provide local support to entrepreneurs and pave the way for international expansion.

We strongly believe that innovation can bring improvements in many domains and there shouldn't be any boundaries for technological progress. We've set up partnerships with international launchpads to scale our ventures as fast as possible.

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Starting in 2022, we have invested in 6 companies so far. They cover various industries but all have the same ambition ; use technology to change things for the better. Find more about our portfolio companies and entrepreneurs that we backed.

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After years meeting entrepreneurs giving all their time, money and energy on their projects with no results, we decided to create Unicraft, a seed fund and startup studio designed to optimize startups chances of success.

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