Envisioning ourselves as cofounders, strongly committed to our ventures.
Creating ventures with the passion and precision of the craftsman.

Meet our collective 👋

After years meeting entrepreneurs giving all their time, money and energy on their projects with no results,
we decided to create Unicraft, a seed fund and startup studio designed to optimize startups chances of success.

Aurélien Chouvet

General Manager

Jean Du Boisdulier

Head of Investors relation

François Van Derton

Investment associate

François Nikolenko

Head of Product and Design

Valeria Castelletto

Head of Marketing & Com

Antoine Berghen

Operations manager

Charles Lebeaupin

Head of IT

Sébastien Bru

XR Expert

Alexandre Duarte

Gamification Expert

Noé Sato

Creative Director

Hiring !

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What's so special about us ?

4 main reasons startup fail : no market need, no more cash, not the right people or outcompeted.
We have designed the best program to address these issues and give you rock solid foundations for sustainable growth.

Entrepreneurial coaching

We’ve founded and scaled companies ourselves, and we’ve learned over time the right attitude and reflexes to adopt.



We build your project together, involving the best talents and methodologies to meet success.


Rapid testing

We master test campaigns at every development stage, to take fast decisions and progress.

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