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One of the most difficult things to launch a new product is to find the right team of talents with the right entrepreneurial mindset. It takes a lot of time and remains a risky bet as assessing soft and hard skills in various domains is close to impossible.

We created Unicraft with the vision to become an on demand team of co-founders, gathering 360 expertise to design, develop and launch impactful digital products and brands.

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We created Unicraft, with the vision to become an on demand team of co-founders, bringing 360 expertise in :

Brand Strategy

Defining the brand platform, its vision and values, and creating the brand design system.


Product Design

Designing the best digital experience, from user research to pixel perfect screens.


Growth marketing

Exploring, testing and analyzing all levers to boost user acquisition and retention.

Entrepreneurial Mentorship

Infusing a "Think bing mindset" and "rapid test and learn methodologies" into our ventures culture.


Research & Development

Identifying innovation opportunities thanks to a network of PHDs and delivering robust digital products.


Funding Strategy

Setting key milestones and clear objectives associated with the right mix of funding at each development stage.

Job done! 🥳

We bring ideas to life thanks to our experienced team of entrepreneurs and startup experts.

Brand strategy
Go to market
UX / UI design
Web dev


All in one platform for homebuilding projects

Kaaz is re-inventing the entire homebuilding experience to make it simpler, faster, and environmentally respectful.

Status : beta private platform launched in october 2020

Brand strategy
Public funding
Web / Mobile dev
UX / UI design


Conversational commerce for local shopping

Yabe connects consumers to their local merchants through an innovative conversational experience to get advices and information on products.

Status : platform live in 5 cities since october 2020

UX / UI design
Web dev


Real estate
crowd investment platform

Bricks democratizes real estate investment thanks to a crowd investing technology built on small investment units (bricks).

Status : beta private platform launched in december 2020

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